Multiply your sales in 2020 with the commercial exchange between Peru and the rest of Latin America

Peru occupies position 52 as the largest export economy in the world. It currently has different commercial agreements that benefit the exchange it has with different countries. This is part of the strategy of the government of this

country that seeks to consolidate opportunities abroad for Peruvian products.

With this strategy, the country seeks to develop an offer of products that is competitive, so that the demand increases and also the number of jobs. The trade agreements that allow the country to experience constant economic growth are 21, among which the free trade zone with the Andean Community, The Pacific Alliance and the TDCs with different countries stand out.

Likewise, the Latin nations with which Peru has trade agreements are: Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia, Cuba, Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, Chile, Mexico, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Panama, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador.

In addition, it also has a partial preferential agreement with Cuba. In total, Peru is  part of 32 bilateral investment agreements and has been a member of the Andean Community since 1969.

On the other hand, Peru’s main export destinations in Latin America are Brazil, Mexico and Chile. While the main countries of origin of Peru’s imports into Latin America are Argentina, Ecuador and Colombia.

In this way, the 3 products with the greatest participation in Peru’s exports are asparagus, dried beans and quinoa. On the other hand, the 3 products with the greatest presence in the non-traditional imports of this country are corn, wheat and beverages.

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