A raw database a potential business opportunities for your company!

In The Trade Data we have very complete databases, with relevant, true and exclusive information on foreign trade from 13 countries. Daily we process a large amount of data systematically and make it available to our customers.

Some of the information that can be found within our databases, are the names and addresses of importers and exporters, names of merchandise, countries of purchase, CIF values ​​and FOB values ​​of the products, etc.

Among the countries of which we handle information, India stands out, which has an important participation in foreign trade activities worldwide. In this sense, The Trade Data is a powerful source of reliable data intelligence, which allows us to understand the current trade flows of India.

Chile, Colombia, Bolivia, Argentina, Venezuela, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Peru, Uruguay, Paraguay, Panama and Mexico, are the other countries on which we handle extensive information within our database.


Imagine everything you can achieve by mastering extensive and verified information about all these countries. With our database you can take your business to the next level. Since, you will be able to study the competition, meet new markets, find better opportunities for your company, design successful strategies, make crucial decisions and thus be able to take safe steps guaranteeing the return on your investment.

Similarly, you can acquire our databases and use them as a source, to provide your customers with specific information requested. In this way, you can respond to the information needs of your business or company customers, in a timely and professional manner.

The uses that you can give to the information that exists within our database are infinite and very useful. For that reason, you should not miss the opportunity to have a large amount of raw data under your control, without any filter or modification.


In The Trade Data you can buy your Database now!

 We are specialists in foreign trade and we are committed to the growth and internationalization of our clients’ companies. Our years of experience credit our business intelligence service as one of the best and most economical in the market.

Throughout our history, more than 500 companies from different parts of the world have decided to trust our platform, and 80% of them have reported a significant increase in their sales.

Start being part of the community of people who make successful investments and request our foreign trade database today, so you can know the quality and professionalism, with which we always work in The Trade Data.

We invite you to buy the raw database according to the country of your interest!

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