7 countries that have been leaders in export

Discover the products that have been in greatest demand in the international market

Thinking about expanding your company through the incursion into new and international markets can become a corporate challenge. However, through the acquisition of adequate and valuable information on how your sector is working in the international arena, you will be able to discover new opportunities in the market, reach potential customers and learn to analyze your competition …

That’s why today we have for you the top countries that during the first quarter of 2019 have managed to reach new horizons by taking advantage of the demand for their products:

It is not surprising that countries highly recognized for their foreign trade such as China or Mexico are part of the list, however Germany and South Korea represent a market that is in full international growth.

For example, the majority of exports from South Korea to the USA have represented a total of 23.21% of the market only in cars, a percentage that may be considered a bit low but when translated to the $ 15.7 billion that they mean, it can change our perception. Likewise, transmission or broadcasting/television products represent 9.22% (6.22% trillion) of the products exported to America.

Mexico, on the other hand, is a great exporting power of oil lights, processors and controllers, derived from oil and natural gas. In the same way, your transportation is usually as follows:

Being the seaway the favourite to reach the Asian continent, because countries such as China, Japan, South Korea and Malaysia are one of its main destinations.

However, all these cases are simply an example of the number of opportunities waiting for you through foreign trade.

Without a doubt, knowing how your industry’s market is working in other countries is key to increasing your sales by amplifying your business, it’s all about projection! And for that, we have at your disposal a totally personalized report of your sector. What are you waiting to take this opportunity?

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